Professional Taxidermy

For a complete professional taxidermy service for your animals and fish (specialising in pets), please contact master taxidermist, Michael Buzza. He will advise you of any special procedures to be taken. It is difficult to quote the price of individual specimens until a discussion and sighting.

A selection of mounted animals and fish is currently available for sale.

(Price available at completion only)

Full Body – Fellow deer, sambar deer, black buck antelope, hog deer, munt juk, Chinese water deer, roe deer buck, reindeer, white-tailed deer.

Shoulder Mount – English fellow, blesbock, impala, springbok, black buck antelope, sambar, axis chital, red deer, Chinese water deer, white water buffalo, fellow deer.

- Please refer to mounted animals for hire and replica lizards and reptiles, marine life, antlers/horns/tusks, as these are also available for sale.